About Us

46print.com is a United States based business in southern Ohio that provides a quality product at a quality price with quality service. We won't promise you our best; we will just give you our best.

Our philosophy is very simple. We want happy clients. When you look around our site you will see that making you a happy client is our main goal.

Here are a few ways we do that:

  • Easy to use and secure websiteIf you browse our website you will find it easy to get to the stuff you want. You also will find all the perks you need to create beautiful print products. As an added touch, check out the security we provide in the browser bar.
  • Many ways to communicate - We offer many ways for you to communicate with us, such as live chat, direct phone lines and email messaging. We truly want you to feel confident that you can reach us.
  • A quality selection of products - We have about everything you could possible want for print products and we are adding new product lines all the time.
  • Outstanding pricing - Our products are priced at (or below) the big guys. It's not all about the money with us but I will admit, money does help pay the bills.
  • Quality design tools - We offer a fully functional Design Studio with thousands of professionally designed templates to make designing a breeze. We also offer design tutorials, downloadable templates, tips and suggestions and online proofing so you always know what your product will look like when you get it.
  • An easy and secure ordering process - Our Transaction Processing company seal is on every page so that you can check out our security and processing at any time. We also have a super easy ordering process with step by step instructions.
  • A little bit of fun and information - Please view some of our more obscure pages, such as Chalk Talk and our Newsroom to get a better idea of who we are. All the articles and Chalk Talk inspirational designs are all us!
  • Loads of info on Social Media - Check out our Social media links as they are full of great content about design, business and life balance. (that we try for but can never seem to achieve)

Thanks for reading and order some product. You deserve it.

Brent Fite

President of 46print.com

You may contact us via:

Email: contact@46print.com

Phone: 937-403-8541

Snail Mail Business Address:


4140 Buck Run Road

Hillsboro, OH, 45133