• Well People, you can’t count on the internet doing it all for you when it comes to marketing. People are suffering from information overload on the internet and they don’t want more advertisements in their face. They are going to just skip right over it.

  • I am sure you all know the ol’ media adage. Who, What, When, Where and Why. It still holds true today. It’s what you want on your flyers.  Whether you are sponsoring an event or promoting your business. The flyer you hand out should answer those 5 questions.

  • There are thousands of templates out there to design a letterhead in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and just about anything that will allow you to design. They are all very helpful and sometimes those templates are pretty darn cool.

  • With today’s digital technology and everything being transferred via emails and social media it is really special to get something of interest through the regular old postal system. I am not talking about the typical postcard with this company or that company pushing their wares.

  • You would think that a vehicle magnet is to advertise your business. You are correct but it is not the only reason. Here are a a few more reasons that maybe you didn't think about: