Online Printer vs. Your Local Printer

Do you believe that 6 cents is a good price for a business card? I mean 6 little pennies could make you hundreds of dollars. Personally, I think it’s a great deal to make $100 and only spend 6 cents to earn it. I really can’t think of a better return on investment (ROI). Or can I? Hold On, Yes! Yes I can! Here are a few interesting facts that you might want to know:

Would you believe your local print company may actually be using an online printer! Why wouldn’t they? They don’t have the wear and tear on their equipment or have to purchase large quantities of materials that they may or may not use. It cost less to buy it and resell it than actually make it. It’s just smart on their part. I don’t blame them at all.

Let’s say the average price a local printer pays for 1000 business cards from an online printer is around $19.00. After shipping and sometimes shoving the cards in their own boxes it ends up costing them about 3 pennies per business card (or $30.00 total) and they are charging 6 pennies (or $60.00 average) to the consumer. It actually saves them money and helps them with the bottom line. Who wouldn’t want a 100% return on their investment vs doing the actual work and making 30%?

A professional online printer company, such as, offers 1000, double sided, premium stock business cards for $19.00. They have thousands of premade templates to choose from and offer outstanding quality. With an online printer such as them you are paying 1.9 pennies a card. So it’s back to the original question. Do you believe that 6 pennies is a good price for a business card? It is, but less than 2 is better.

Why the price difference between local and online you ask!

3 words sum it up: BRICK AND MORTAR. An online printing company does not have the overhead associated with having a store for customers to walk into therefore they can pass the saving on to you, the consumer. They also sell in bulk so they buy materials in bulk at a discount. They then pass their discounts on materials to the consumer.

What about the cost of design work?

Your local printer may or may not offer design work. If they do that is great! I am sure they charge you for it and that price is added to the existing price of the product you want. If you are using a local printer and everyone else in the same area using them to, you might find that the designs all start to look similar.  In other words, your dental practice design might look close to the lawyers design down the street from you.

With an online printer you have more design creation options and style options. A typical online printer has thousands of templates with many different styles to choose from. They also offer around four design creation options of which three are usually free.

  1. Use templates on the Online Printers Design Studio . (Free) This option is the best for novice designers as it gives you a starting point that you can add to or subtract from. With this option you actually modify an existing design using the loads of professionally designed templates provided. Ultimately, the design you create can be done in minutes and has your own personal stamp on it.
  2. Use the Online Printers Design Studio as a Designer. (Free) A professional or novice designer can use the online printers Design Studio to create works of art from scratch without the cost of purchasing expensive design software such as Illustrator or Photoshop. It’s just a great way to get that designer in all of us to show off.
  3. Downloadable Blank Templates. (Free) This is a fantastic tool for graphic designers. With this option you can download a blank template and design it yourself with your own design software such as Illustrator or Photoshop. These templates are set to the size of the product and offer print read graphics to the printer when you upload them.
  4. Have the Online Printer Design it for you.  Having one of the online printers designers design it for you is typically the same price if not less expensive than the local printer. You also are getting the benefit of a true professional that does design work day in and day out.

Here is the breakdown:

Local Printer

$60.00 average for 1000 business cards


Online Printer such as

$19.00 for the exact same 1000 business cards

It just smart for you to order from an online printer like! Heck! The cards you have right now probably came from one anyway.

My suggestion is to cut out the middle man and keep that marketing money in your pocket or use it to create a larger marketing campaign by ordering more print materials. So choose an online printing company such as to deliver your business message with professionalism. It just makes sense!


Article By: Brent Fite

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